A little bit of history

Having bought over 500 Atlanteans, Lothian tentatively ordered two of Leyland’s new model which had been expected to replace the Atlantean.

This was to be the new Titan. Fleet numbers 599 and 600 were set aside for these new buses. Production problems plagued Leyland and in the meantime a new chassis was announced, the Olympian.

Lothian’s order was changed and two Olympians materialised in place of the Titans numbered after the last of the Atlanteans as 666 and 667. They were the city’s first buses with air suspension and power steering and as new, had trendy - and barely legible - electronic destination equipment.

They operated originally on services 9 and 10 from Central garage. The unluckily numbered 666 was later to be destroyed by malicious fire, leaving only 667 of the pair to complete a normal service life, by then fitted with standard destination equipment.

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