A little bit of history

When low-floor double deckers were launched Lothian standardised on the Dennis Trident chassis with Plaxton President body, once again breaking the tradition of buying from Alexander.

They broke with tradition in other ways too: their interiors were to a completely new specification, incorporating blue and a colour somewhere between cream and orange.

Most inescapably, the livery which had been part of the fabric of Edinburgh for almost a century was abandoned in favour of a new ‘Harlequin’ design. This was intended to differentiate the new buses which offered low-floor easy access from the older step-entry buses. It certainly did that but was not universally popular with Edinburgh’s traditionalists.

Once the whole fleet had become wheelchair accessible, Harlequin was replaced with a livery more in keeping with Lothian's unique identity with the city. 572 initially ran on service 44 and is preserved in the later, simplified version of the Harlequin livery.

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